Christmas is now over although we are still finding pine needles in the strangest of places, New year is done, and the wine and chocolates are gone (or very nearly).


We are all now looking for our holidays, I know I am. Warm sunny days by the sea, exploring new destinations or even going back to that special place.


We are off to our special place, Cyprus this summer with the kids sadly our Bertha (the dog) cannot come. Luckily, we have good old Grandad to look after her where she is spoilt rotten and comes back a bit of a diva, if she could talk, I am sure she would say “Grandad lets me!”


I am hoping for a little bit of winter sun to if I can get a bargain but sssh do not tell my husband, I have not told him yet!


The crazy things we do when we go on holiday like, filling the paddling pool to put your summer pots in, worry about who will water the tomato’s that grow like mad, you end up having tomatoes with everything.


Our neighbours when they go away even ask us to park our car on their drive so their house does not look empty. I then worry somebody is going to park in my parking space whilst I am on their drive.

Then there is Bertha (the dog) Can grandad have her? Have we packed enough food, poo bags, did we forget to pack cuddly donkey?

 Gosh the way my mind works it is no wonder I feel like a need a holiday.


So here we come Cyprus (maybe a cheeky winter break) and thank goodness for Grandad.

 Bertha Waiting for Grandad