Have you ever wondered why Dogs scoot across the grass or worse across the carpet distracting you from enjoying an episode of Come Dine with Me?

We did. Our dog Bertha kept doing it, we tried changing her food, gave her veg we even tried telling her how disgusting it was and to please stop it. None of that worked!

In our house we call it itchy bum disease, it is actually called scooting. My husband and I would say, Bertha has itchy bum disease again.


We decided it was time for the Vet, Bertha does not like the vets and is a quivering mess once in the consultation room.

The Vet manually drained Berthas anal glands, the poor thing hung her head in what looked like shame, she is a lady after all! The smell was not pleasant it is a very fishy smell that surprised me. I was expecting a dog poo or wind smell.

Our Vet explained that there are many reasons these glands get blocked from few days of diarrhoea, infection, or not enough pressure when the go to the loo. He explained they can get infected or even have a tumour, so it is always best to get it checked

He suggested psyllium should be mixed in with her food. So off I went to our local health food shop, for the life of me I could not remember the name and had it in my head it was called Phyllis, you can imagine the look on the lovely lady’s face that was assisting me in the health food shop!

After I explained what I needed it for she found the psyllium said it is easy to remember, just think silly erm… given that I had called it Phyllis silly erm seemed quite an apt way of remembering it.

After a few weeks of putting a little psyllium in Bertha’s food three times a week the scooting itchy bum disease has stopped and Come Dine with Me can now be watched uninterrupted.