Hear what some of are clients have to say about Housesitters


It is nice to know someone is looking after our home when we are on holiday – no nasty surprises to come home to

Mr L from Hampshire

We go away with peace of mind knowing our dogs will be well cared for

Mrs C from Pershore

‘It was such a relief to know that my dogs were cared for whilst I was away, especially as one is both blind and deaf’

Mrs G from London

Having the same sitters each time we go away gives us additional peace of mind

Mrs G from Buckinghamshire

Having the same sitters each time we go away gives us additional peace of mind

Mrs G from Buckinghamshire

Knowing that our pets are being loved as we love them when we are away makes our holiday more enjoyable

Mr M from Yorkshire

"On the face of it, getting someone to come and move in and look after the house and the cats seems expensive, but now that I have used your Company I now consider this cost to be part of the cost of our holiday and I am happy to pay for this service. The sitters even suggested we organise a Tesco delivery which they would pack away for use to save us rushing to the supermarket - 10 of 10 Housesitters"

Mrs G from Surrey

"I and D are brilliant and very trustworthy house sitters. Our dogs are so happy to see them when they arrive. This makes is really easy to leave for our holiday. Our home is always looked after and left in an extremely tidy condition"

Miss A from Cambridgeshire

"This is the first time we have used a professional company to come and look after our two Boxers and after the sitters left, both dogs sat by the front door and sulked ! The house was spotless too thank you so much Housesitters. We will definitely be booking our summer holiday with you"

Mrs D from Buckinghamshire

"We have an elderly dog and have usually put him into kennels, however now that she is getting on, we decided to use Housesitters. We can honestly say that we were delighted with the service and Lucy was so content and relaxed when we came back from our holiday that we knew she was happy and she is a dog who can become stressed very easily - she was so comfortable with the sitters who clearly adored her. I wouldn't hesitate in using Housesitters again"

Mr S from Buckinghamshire

"We have used Housesitters for over 15 years now and wouldn't go away now without using them. Booking is really easy, we just e mail our dates now requesting the same sitters if possible. It's a really professional friendly service. The house sitters are really lovely interesting people and we have got to know our regular sitters really well"

Mr B from London

"My husband and I both work from home our cats are used to us being there all day, so companionship is very important. I wouldn't dream of putting them into a cattery. Using Housesitters is money well spent in my opinion, giving me complete peace of mind that our cats are being given the attention whilst we are away. I wouldn't hesitation in recommending Housesitters Limited"

Mr & Mrs M from Oxfordshire

"This is the first time we have used a house sitter from Housesitters because we used another Company before. Housesitters excelled themselves. We were so impressed with the care that they gave our dog and cat. I have already booked out next holiday with them"

Mr & Mrs A from Wiltshire

"We were only going away for the weekend so only a short break, but when I got home, everything was neat and tidy and the dogs were happy, they had been out for lots of walks and were very relaxed. I was so happy that I booked Housesitters to come and look after them while we got married in Greece. People may think that using Housesitters is an expensive option, but I think it's good value for money because they don't charge per animal. It was actually slightly cheaper than the kennel fees for dogs. You also have the additional peace of mind that someone is looking after your home too should something happen"

Mrs C from Surrey

"We have been using Housesitters for years and all of the house sitters we have met have all been wonderful. We like to use the same ones if we can as they are familiar with our home and the animals' and they do try to achieve this, but even if it's someone new, they are really lovely and caring towards our cats. We like the fact that we know the cats are being well looked after and that the house is secure. As far as we're concerned, Housesitters Limited is worth every penny and I regularly recommend them to others"

Mrs B from Bedfordshire

"We have never had a house sitter before, but when we made our booking, we felt very reassured and also got to meet the house sitter beforehand who was absolutely lovely. I felt very comfortable leaving our dog with the house sitter and the proof of the pudding that it all went well was that when we returned, the dog sat by front door clearly sad that the house sitter was leaving ! I have had no hesitation in using Housesitters again and have recommended them to some of my work colleagues"

Mr & Mrs S from Birmingham

"Housesitters Limited is very professional and the paperwork very detailed which puts our mind at rest. We also like the fact Housesitters employs more mature sitters as we feel comfortable knowing someone responsible is staying in our home"

Miss E from Cheshire

"We had a wonderful holiday and as usual, our house sitters were excellent. They took exceptional care of our home and animals. One of the sitters was a particularly gifted artist and when we returned home, found a beautiful painting of our cat which was given to us as a gift. All the sitters we have had with Housesitters have been so caring and kind. I will only book my holiday now, knowing I have a sitter booked"

Mrs W from Liverpool

"10 out of 10 Housesitters Limited - a great service"

Mr B from West Sussex

"A delightful couple. My two cats had a wonderful time with them and has missed them"

Mrs V from Kent

"Very good service. The sitter has stayed twice now. The first time was to care for our very elderly Labrador who needed quite a lot of medication, but this wasn't a problem for the sitters. This second time was with our very energetic puppy. The sitters were great in continuing her training and even got her to sit and stay whilst they cared for her. We have already booked again for our summer holiday"

Mrs M from Ipswich

"We've always used Housesitters and had a wonderful experience, but this time they excelled themselves. We were stranded on holiday due to bad weather and Housesitters stayed to look after our menagerie for an extra day until we returned. It was such a relief to know that they are able to do this. Thank you Housesitters"

Mr & Mrs M from Cornwall

"The sitters were absolutely wonderful, in particular their special care for one of my dogs who was taken poorly whilst we were away. They took him to the vet and cared for him so well until we returned from holiday. Full marks Housesitters !"

Mrs H from Essex

"Lovely couple, my dogs loved them!"

Mrs B from Basingstoke

"First class in all respects. Our housesitter from Housesitters Limited was fabulous as usual"

Mr W from Yorkshire

"A brilliant service once again Housesitters. I couldn't go away on holiday without you"

Mrs S from Buckinghamshire

"I used to use a different house sitting company, but each time I booked, I had a different sitter. The sitters were all lovely, however I wanted continuity for my dogs and Housesitters have sent the same sitter to me for the past two years which is wonderful. The dogs really look forward to him coming to sit for them. Thank you"

Mrs D from Hertfordshire

"We are really happy with Housesitters. We have used them for nearly 20 years and they have looked after all of our animals over the years. It is much cheaper and far more convenient than kennels"

Mr C from Wiltshire

"Amazing ! - the first time we have used this service and all I can say is brilliant - even the huge pile of ironing I didn't get around to doing before we left was all ironed and in neat piles on the bed. I wish the sitter could move in permanently !"

Mrs L from Middlesex

"We have 2 dogs who are both rescue dogs and we couldn't bring ourselves to putting them into kennels, especially as one of them requires daily insulin injections. Housesitters were brilliant and so caring. Giving the injections was no problem whatsoever and for once, we both had a very relaxing time on holiday. Splendid!"

Mrs C from Yorkshire

"Excellent service - I would definitely use Housesitters again and recommend to others! The house was immaculate when we returned and all the garden was well watered. The sitters had even dead headed the tubs"

Mr and Mrs K from Surrey

"I trust Housesitters completely with the care of our fussy cat. Our cat can be quite difficult but she was very calm and relaxed when we returned home - I don't think she missed us at all. Thank you for looking after her"

Miss L from London

"The sitter we have met and used over the years have all been wonderful. We find them incredibly reliable and conscientious. We know our dogs and cat are being well looked after and that our house is safe. Housesitters is worth every penny and I regularly recommend them to others"

Ms B from Middlesex

"This is the second time this year Housesitters have cared for our pets, so I think that speaks for itself! When we got home this time, there was even a tasty casserole in the oven - thank you S"

Mr & Mrs W from Hampshire

" It was really easy to make our booking and Housesitters is really professional to deal with. They make it as simple as possible and it is a great service. I will definitely use them again for my next holiday"

Mr S from Gloucestershire

"One word….Brilliant"

Mrs K from Portsmouth

"Even though this was the sitter's first sit, we immediately felt in safe and confident hands"

Mr & Mrs D from Cambridgeshire

"Delighted with our house sitter, We can go away with confidence and peace of mind"

Mrs G, Wiltshire

"Brilliant service - not sure how we managed before."

Miss C from Cardiff