Reliable, Trustworthy and Caring

All our sitters are responsible homeowners, who have owned a variety of pets in the past and therefore built up a wealth of experience.

Feeding chickens

Finding the right person for the job

The selection process to become a sitter is exceptionally comprehensive and rigorous. First a very detailed application form is completed followed by an initial interview over the telephone. The next stage in the process is an in-depth interview held in the sitter’s own home. Only when we are sure that they have the right personality and experience will we start vetting them. This is when numerous references are taken, for their strength of character and professional capability, we even ask them to carry out a police check. When we are completely satisfied, they will then become a member of our family of sitters.

As you can see this process is quite lengthy and detailed, but it is important to us that you have the peace of mind that your pets and home are safe in our hands.

Are you interested in becoming a House Sitter?

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