Why choose Housesitters Limited?

Housesitters Limited have been caring for our clients’ animals and homes for over 20 years. Our sitters are carefully chosen animal lovers who look forward to caring for your pets. We pride ourselves on the personal touch we add when tailor making assignments to suit the requirements of each client. Our business has been built up through the loyalty of existing clients along with recommendations from these clients.

I have 2 dogs and 1 cat, are there any additional charges because I have more that 1 pet?

No – our fees are based on an inclusive daily rate to accommodate most people’s requirements. The main exception to this is where horse care is required, which we discuss when we speak to you, however if you do have a large entourage we may ask for an additional payment, which is passed directly to the sitters.

Will I meet the Sitter beforehand?

Yes, if it is at all possible our sitters are I the main retired and the whole concept of our service is based on mutual trust – you must feel that the Sitter will keep your home as you have left it and that your beloved pets will be treated with the utmost care. The sitter must feel comfortable too. Housesitters Limited has vast experience in matching the right sitter to a variety of situations and many Clients and sitters have struck up lasting relationships as a result of house sitting.

When I am away, what does the sitter do all day?

The sitters are employed to care for your pets and provide a presence in the house whilst you are away. This is their main priority throughout the day, and they will follow the strict routine established when the comprehensive checklist which is completed by you when the assignment is booked.  This includes, feeding, walking, exercising and grooming etc. In addition they also look after your home, watering plants, sorting mail and carrying out light household and garden duties. As our sitters are in the main retired, they tend to fill their time with pastimes such as reading or completing crossword puzzles. They are also permitted to leave the property during daylight hours for up to 3 hours which gives them time to explore their surroundings.

How can I make sure that my pets are happy with the sitters ?

All of our sitters are animal lovers and have owned pets themselves.  Prior to the assignment, we ask you to complete a comprehensive routine for your pets.  This enables us to both select the most appropriate sitter for the assignment and also to ensure that we carry out your instructions to make sure that you have happy pets when you return home.  It is not unusual for pets to miss the sitters when they leave.

What about insurance?

Your insurance of your property, contents and pets continues during your absence.  Your responsibility for adequate insurance cover is detailed in the Company’s Terms of Business which is agreed by both parties before an assignment is arranged. Housesitters Limited is a registered company with Public Liability Insurance.

How far in advance must a booking be made?

Some of our clients book months ahead of their departure, but we always try to accommodate last minute bookings – even those with only a couple of days’ notice.  If we have availability, we will accept your booking.  We pride ourselves in going the extra mile.

What about use of the phone?

The sitter will either use a mobile phone or leave cash for any personal calls they may have to make.

What do I do if I need someone to visit my home whilst the sitters are there ?

It is not usual for us to accept any visitors to your home when we are on an assignment for you.  Security is of paramount importance to us and we need to be in control of your home in your absence so that only we have responsibility for ensuring doors and windows are kept closed and locked.  However, we do understand that some visitors are necessary, such as housekeepers, cleaners, gardeners, window cleaners and workmen.  It is vital that you tell us who is due to visit when making a booking along with any disruption that may occur, so that we can advise the sitter accordingly.

What happens if something happens in an emergency whilst I am away?

Our sitters are carefully selected and are all very capable and practical having been home and pet owners for many years. Should there be an emergency, there are telephone numbers the sitter can use for support. These numbers are available 24 hours,  7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We ask all of our Clients to complete a check list which includes for example the location of your fuse box and stop cock, information about your vet plus much more which gives us lots of information should an emergency occur. We will try to sort out any problems, but in extreme circumstances we will contact you.

Will the sitter look through our personal things?

Our sitters do this work because they love animals and being in different places. Our service is entirely professional and we choose our sitters for their discretion and integrity. They will not pry into anything which does not concern them, or try to operate any piece of equipment if they are not sure of its use or if you do not want us to use it.

If the sitters are a couple, do I have to provide double the food allowance?

No – the food allowance per day is for one sitter and if their spouse comes along, they provide their own 

Will the sitters have guests?

No, it is not usual for sitters to have guests and sitters are instructed to meet family or friends away from the home during their allowed period of absence.

Do I have to supply food, bed linen and towels for the sitter ?

Sitters provide their own food, however Clients are usually happy for them to use ingredients like Salt, Pepper, herbs and spices for example.  Clients have the choice to either request that the sitters bring their own bed linen and towels or to provide them.  If you provide the bed linen and towels, the sitter will endeavour to launder them prior to your arrival home.

Do the sitters do any gardening ?

It is very common for sitters to be quite green fingered and enjoy a bit of light gardening.  Our sitters will be happy to water any plants you may have, including those in pots and tubs and indoor plants.  We are also happy to care for veggie patches and greenhouses.

Will the sitter use my car ?

Sometimes the Client may ask the sitter to drive their car if the sitter’s car is unsuitable.  Housesitters Limited cannot accept any liability or responsibility for any incidents involving a Client’s vehicle and this would not be covered under our insurance.  Any arrangements must be between the sitter and the Client.

How do I get a quotation ?

Should you wish to obtain a quotation, or find out if we have availability, either e mail us on info@housesittersltd.co.uk, call us on our free phone number 08000 340 240, contact us here, or you could speak to us now via our live chat.